Canadians welcome anti-radical Islam ad, B’nai Brith vows more to come

Plucky B’nai Brith basks in the glow of their well received anti-islamist advertisment.

Good work Frankie.

Regarding your full-page ad in the National Post: Great work! Keep it up. The world – and particularly Canada – needs to wake up. We support Israel. Shalom.
– Wilbert John Raymond Harris

Thank you so much for the Nazi/Islamist warning and comparison that appeared in the National Post.
– Mary Jane Card

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent ad in National Post. I’ve been reading about radical Islam since the mid-1990s and know the ad’s statement is accurate and long overdue.
– I. C. Wolfson

Update: Exclusive Sneak Peek at B’nai Brith’s Next Ad!

Bonus “Bless Me Rasputin” Pic