There’s a Harding rain…

gonna fall…On B’nai Brith? Well it shouldn’t and it won’t likely but as Scaramouche points out citizens have suffered the wrath of the HRC’s for much less.

Scaramouche is on a roll today, read this post Jew Wars!:

Let me get this straight–Bernie, the guy who sees Nazis everywhere and who’s in favour of state censorship because he fears that unless we silence these scary Aryans their unfettered utterances will set us up for a genocide here in Canada (“hate speech,” as the Ceej sees it, being the inevitable precursor to genocide) thinks it’s “inappropriate” to talk about Nazis?

Here’s a blast from the past on the ongoing rivalry between B’nai Brith & the CJC – Judean Peoples Front vs. Peoples Front of Judea