B’nai Brith tells it like it is about the Nazi-Islamist Cabal

Uppitierdate: Please explain the context of meaning as it relates to “Fuck the Jews”

Upperdate: Jay Currie links to the hilarious commentary served up at a “Liberal Party partisans” blog; “anti-zionists” & “liberals” (though it’s hard to tell them apart), plus a couple of CJC’ers vie to denounce B’nai Brith and each other – good fun all round.
Verdict: B’nai Brith Wins.

Update: Liberal Party member Omar “Lord Ha Ha” Red Eye accuses B’nai Brith of Promoting “Hate” and having made an “Unholy Alliance with Right Wing Racists”. Be sure to ask Omar his thoughts on Tarek Fatah.

There’ll be no Samosa for you Nazi-Islamists nor your Pseudo Leftist Enablers. Right Frankie?

This ad ran in Nov 9th’s National Post