Toronto’s Middle East Proxy War

Tarek Fatah from the article Toronto’s Middle East Proxy War by Michael Posner in todays Globe.

“These Jews are very decent people, but they’re naive. They’re simply not aware that contemporary Islam has been taken over by a death-cult ideology.” Well-intentioned bagel-and-samosa mixers are what he called a complete fraud. “On the Islamicist side, the language is deceptive and the manipulation is mind-boggling.”

Presciently the article goes on to note:

…”So what lies ahead? Both Mr. Gissin and local Jewish leaders can read the demographic charts. Unless rebranding or something like it works, the higher Muslim birth and immigration rates may eventually guarantee a public-relations win.”


The consequences of the Jewish communities ongoing demographic decline will be far greater than a mere PR victory for the Islamists. What’s at stake is that the victors will gain the use of Section 13 (1) as a political bludgeon. History has a way of repeating itself and as George Jonas has written:

“The Nazis would have been just as repressive without this excuse, but being able to offer it made Hitler’s task easier. Like Canadian supporters of hate-speech legislation, supporters of the Weimar Republic thought that their groups and causes would occupy all seats of authority and set all social and legal agendas forever. Shades of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association or the Canadian Jewish Congress! They couldn’t envisage the guns of their own laws being turned around to point at them one day.”

The battle to control Section 13 (1) is just one more front in this same proxy war. Both sides in the Middle East conflict as represented by the Canadian Islamic Congress on the one hand and B’nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress on the other hope to manipulate our thought crime law to further their respective political agendas. These warring factions represent virtually the entirety of support for Section 13 (1) with each side in the middle east proxy war endeavoring to use the Canadian Human Rights Commission as a political weapon to the detriment of us all.

I understand the misguided belief, held by a segment of the Jewish community, that it needs to fight on this front, however it must be pointed out in no uncertain terms that a successful effort to preserve Section 13 (1) will prove a Pyrrhic Victory.