When The Dreams Of EX-CHRC Gas Bags Deflate…

The censors are fighting a faltering rear-guard action that has lead them to desperately seek out allies wherever they may be found, no matter how bizarre the optics. The latest if not the most perverse; Islamist Apologist Haroon Siddiqui. Siddiqui is one of the few remaining supporters of state censorship, a position Haroon’s own employer the Uber-Liberal Toronto Star has soundly rejected.

Max Yalden, ex-CHRC Apparatchik, presents his rationale for the establishment of a soft-totalitarianism where we the unwashed and ignorant masses may be safely herded by “elite” bureaucrats – like Max Yalden. This appalling elitist mind-set, steeped in the cultural relativism of our disastrous policy of multiculturalism, is common to proponents of Section 13 (1) and illustrates the contempt our would be Kommissars hold for both Canadian Society and democracy.

Max is obviously a slow learner with a poor grasp of history as pointed out here and by this letter which was addressed to him & published in the Western Jewish Tribune while he served as the CHRC’s Chief Kommissar:

No reasonable, self-respecting person would disagree with the assessment that Zundel is promoting hatred. By the same token, no reasonable self-respecting person would disagree that the only results of the proposed action of the CHRC against Zundel will be to diminish the credibility of the CHRC and to give Zundel the publicity he craves – thereby guaranteeing him a platform, from which he will engender sympathy as you permit him to pronounce his further martyrdom to the cause of “freedom of speech.”

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