“Multicultural Gamble” ? – How’s that workin out Max?

I see Haroon Siddiqui has hauled out another shopworn apologist for Multicult, one Max Yalden, a typical Human Rights Apparatchik who arrogantly pronounces “Canadians have pulled off their `multicultural gamble’ more effectively than one might have anticipated.”

Here’s the thing Max, your little “gamble” was nothing more than a Liberal vote buying scam, a divisive,racist gambit imposed on the unwilling backs of Canadian citizens.

Have a look here, here and here, Max for how well your little experiment is working out- and that’s just this week. By the way Max, I don’t ever recall being asked permission for you and your cronies to gamble with my future.

“Even Pierre Trudeau, the key architect of multiculturalism, regretted how multiculturalism had been warped to emphasize an immigrant’s identification with his country or culture of origin rather than his assimilation of a Canadian identity. At a private luncheon with MPs in the mid-1990s, Trudeau was asked whether multiculturalism had developed the way he hoped. He replied: “No, this is not what I wanted.”