Well Gee B’nai Brith there’s always the CHRC isn’t there?

Jewish Tribune:Imam’s ‘troubling messaging’ called ‘incitement to hate’

Ooops sorry, I forgot; Jennifer Lynch & the CHRC have determined that Muslims calling for the death of Gays, “Homosexuals and lesbians should be “exterminated in this life” and that Jews “spread corruption and chaos on earth”, and of Christians & Infidels that “sending our sons and daughters to the schools of the Infidels has devastating effects on their beliefs, their behavior and their character. For the children of Infidels are the most pervert children. At a very early age, they adopt the behavior of their parents “ is just fine with them.

Well looks like B’nai Brith is outta luck I’d say, since the CHRC decided to give the Islamists a “Get Outta Jail Free Card”. The CHRC has declared Islamist”victimhood” superior to all others and therefore the malicious mullah’s win the use of the CHRC as their enforcer under Section 13 (1). I guess this is an example of that”matrix of rights” stuff Jenny made up in action.

But where can B’nai Brith turn to? What about the Ontario Human Rights Commission? Oops again! Tarek Fatah informs us the OHRC is already co-opted by Islamists: “if you’re scratching your heads, reading the outrageous attacks on Maclean’s magazine by Barbara Hall, … let me share with you the news that the Ontario Human Rights Commission is itself infiltrated by Islamists, and I say that on the record. One of its commissioners … is an admirer of Ayatollah Khomeini and has close links to the Canadian Islamic Congress.”

Geez B’nai Brith are you and the Canadian Jewish Congress sure this whole “hate speech” Section 13 (1) thing is still a good idea?

Say isn’t the Canadian Islamic Congress on side with B’Nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress in their blind support of Section 13 (1)? Why yes they are, will wonders never cease, strange bedfellows indeed, I do hope the CIC are invited to testify before the Justice Committee hearings on Section 13 (1).

As I have stated previously the advocacy for Section 13(1) by B’nai Brith, the CIC and the CJC has nothing to do with “hate speech”, but rather it is a battle to control political debate by opposing sides in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

I am saddened to see that the Canadian Islamic Congress and the Canadian Arab Federation were not invited to today’s session. Their presence, comic relief aside, would highlight the perverse nature of Section 13 (1)’s support base which, other than the human rights cult itself, is limited to a few special interest groups whose true goal I suspect is to seek a means to further political agendas and specifically control debate on the middle east. For the CIC & CAF Section 13 (1) fits nicely with the Islamist campaign to institute “defamation of religion” as a sort of global blasphemy law. The CJC and B’nai Brith simply represent the other side of this front in the Arab Israeli conflict, each group hoping to enforce the law in accordance to its will and agenda, an engagement that is being fought by proxy via Section 13 (1).

Pity that the rights of all Canadians may well be sacrificed to satiate the Gods of Political Correctness and the appetites of craven politicians.