Jennifer Lynch’s “I’m ready for my close-up just don’t ask me any hard questions” moment

Mom had a slight set back entailing hospitalization so blogging will be light but here’s links.

Update: Jenny has just posted the full text of her remarks before the Justice Committee, Deb Gyapong gives Jenny a good fisking here. As noted yesterday Ezra’s information was not translated in time to reach the committee members, let’s hope both he and Mark Steyn are invited back by the Justice Committee.

Ezra Levant, Jay Currie, and Ferreras J live blogged the session as did Miss Marpelate, much follow up is offered. The Interim weighed in.

Mark Steyn on the Censor Speaks. Scary Fundamentalist weighs in as does Moose & Squirrel. The Lynch Mob has a good round up.

Videos of yesterdays performances: Mississauga Matt has captured our Censors “I’m ready for my Close-Up just don’t ask me any hard questions” moment, damned if they didn’t. See all of Jenny’s clips here.

Moon and the CJC’s contributions are here, thanks again Matt!

Don’t forget Binks! – Canada’s School Marm

I’ll be back as soon as things have settled down with me Sainted Irish Mother, thanks to all who have offered their best wishes and prayers. She has stabilized and is resting comfortably, now we just wait for test results and confirmation of the Doctor’s assumptions. It looks good at this point.