A Section 13 (1) Sausage In the Making

Update: We are informed that the clerk could not forward the information she received from Ezra Levant to the committee members. Even though the information was in her possession for some 18 days prior to today’s session it was not possible to translate it in time.

Had it been business as usual today’s Justice Committee hearing on Section 13 (1) would have provided the few wonks who might have cared with insight into how Special Interest Groups, Civil Servants and our Members of Parliament work behind the scenes to formulate policy affecting all Canadians. This assumes that today’s hearing would have taken place at all, a doubtful proposition at best.

Today’s session is special however and affords us an opportunity to witness all of these actors in the cold light of day, under circumstances they would have preferred to avoid if at all possible.

What do we have to look forward to? Jennifer Lynch of the CHRC, Mark Freiman and Bernie Farber of the CJC will present their justifications for the continued circumvention and erosion of Canadians fundamental right to Freedom of Speech and established criminal justice principles, notably due process. Richard Moon will hopefully expand on his expressed distaste for the “tone” of the public debate, otherwise known as democracy.

So expect the worst from them and even less of the Liberal and NDP committee members, after all Section 13 (1) was cynically born of the brokerage politics that hides behind the decayed mask of official multiculturalism and the need by politicians to be seen as “taking action” – otherwise known as vote buying. Section 13 (1) is legislation that brings visions of votes dancing through the heads of short sighted politicians giddy with the belief that minorities are homogeneous voting blocs. This will likely remain the case for our out of touch politicos who imagine advocacy groups are always representative of their alleged constituencies best interests and despite the fact that the campaign to rid Canada of Section 13 (1) has proven to be as non-partisan and grassroots an effort as any I have witnessed, garnering overwhelming public and institutional support.

I am saddened to see that the Canadian Islamic Congress and the Canadian Arab Federation were not invited to today’s session. Their presence, comic relief aside, would highlight the perverse nature of Section 13 (1)’s support base which, other than the human rights cult itself, is limited to a few special interest groups whose true goal I suspect is to seek a means to further political agendas and specifically control debate on the middle east. For the CIC & CAF Section 13 (1) fits nicely with the Islamist campaign to institute “defamation of religion” as a sort of global blasphemy law. The CJC and B’nai Brith simply represent the other side of this front in the Arab Israeli conflict, each group hoping to enforce the law in accordance to its will and agenda, an engagement that is being fought by proxy via Section 13 (1).

Pity that the rights of all Canadians may well be sacrificed to satiate the Gods of Political Correctness and the appetites of craven politicians.

One line of questioning I would love to see asked of Ms. Lynch relates to the CHRC’s policy on Investigations which states of investigators that “In addition, they are impartial and do not represent either of the parties involved in the complaint.”

Now that would make for an interesting exchange, just imagine the possibilities.

Today’s session will be broadcast live on CPAC commencing at 3:30 pm.

Poison Control Advisory:

Don’t miss today’s session, Jennifer Lynch is first up but caution is advised, you’ll need this antidote to make it through the day – The Official Jennifer Lynch Drinking Game.