Ezra Levant says Richard Moon made of mouldy cheese

Ezra has posted his rebuttal to Moon’s latest apologia for the CHRC.

My thoughts – Moon is either uninformed, unable or unwilling to address serious matters of corruption and conflict of interest at the CHRC as uncovered from official transcript testimony made under oath by CHRC staff themselves. If Moon is unwilling to address these matters then he himself is as guilty of the “Spin” he accuses others of.

My comments at the National Post:

“Mr. Moon when an Ex-CHRC employee is still granted access to CHRC premises and in fact is allowed to instruct a CHRC investigator on the conduct of a case he himself inititated, well I call that corruption, as in “the CHRC is a corrupt organization.”

Either you do as well Mr. Moon and are thus every bit as guilty of the “Spin” you accuse others of or your standards are perhaps simply too elastic for anyone to grant you consideration as a reliable source.

So which is it?”

“By the way Mr. Moon the statements I made earlier regarding the corruption of the CHRC are not mere allegations, the details of this uncomfortably cozy relationship – (uncomfortable to the public if not to a lawyer of your stripe that is), that existed between the Ex-CHRC employee and CHRC staff are contained in official CHRT transcript testimony. This is just one of multiple instances of abuse by the CHRC that have been uncovered Mr. Moon, all of them supported by transcript testimony.

You may read the official transcript here http://tinyurl.com/ygwev6k

I understand, unless memory fails, that the original mandate of your report for the CHRC did not include an investigation of the allegations of corruption that have swirled around the commisson. It may be that your Spin on matters is simply a case of being uninformed, lazy or willfully blind. You can answer that.

I suggest to you Sir that you set aside aside your obvious distaste for the CHRC’s critics, and if possible also your evident elitist bigotry, and avail yourself of an opportunity to do so. You owe the public this responsibility if you are to have any credibility.

As a closing aside, you state, “Searching neo-Nazi websites for hate speech and engaging with individuals on those sites to determine their identity involves ethical challenges that should not be dealt with by private citizens”

You should have added nor by dimwitted CHRC bureaucrats, just ask Dean and Serenity. Do a google search on Serenity and the CHRC Mr. Moon, you owe it, both to yourself and all of us. Or better yet just ask Ezra;) “

Upperdate: Mark Steyn on the Spin of Dubious Moonlight

Shame on Professor Moon for his defence of the racket. He’s being far more “false” and “misleading” on the point than anything Ezra and I have said. And, for a statist blowhard who huffs and puffs about how “malicious” the critics of the CHRC are, you’re getting a politer response than you deserve. Straighten up and fly right, daddy-o.

Update: Scaramouche weighs in.