Jennifer “J-Ly” Lynch Testifies Monday

All the usual suspects will be there, Moon, Farber & Ex-CHRC Hack and current CJC Prez Mark “No Conflict Here” Freiman included.

This will be the most one sided censorfest celebration yet. I can’t wait to see the depths Liberal Committee members will sink to, this will be ethnic pandering at its most appalling. Get ready to see how the sausage is made.CPAC will be carrying this live, definitely not for those of weak stomach.

Update: A preview of Richard Moon’s submission

“Searching neo-Nazi websites for hate speech and engaging with individuals on those sites to determine their identity involves ethical challenges that should not be dealt with by private citizens”

Nor by dimwitted bureaucrats he should add, just ask Dean and Serenity.

Update 2: Ezra Levant says Moon made of Mouldy Cheese

My two cents: Mr. Moon when an Ex-CHRC employee is still granted access to CHRC premises and in fact is allowed to instruct a CHRC investigator on the conduct of a case he himself inititated, well I call that corruption, as in “the CHRC is a corrupt organization.”
Either you do as well Mr. Moon and are thus every bit as guilty of the “Spin” you accuse others of or your standards are perhaps simply too elastic for anyone to grant you consideration as a reliable source.

So which is it?