Toronto General Hospital Follow Up – Sometimes you really can fight “city hall”

As many of you will be aware me Sainted Irish Mother recently underwent a very unfortunate experience at Toronto General Hospital’s ER. I wrote about that incident originally here and a condensed version appeared in the National Post’s Full Comment Section here.

I would like to personally thank all who commented and offered their prayers and wishes for her speedy recovery. Mom is recovering nicely from her heart attack and the complications that ensued. We are grateful that she is still with us. Mom has also moved in with us solely because we thought it novel to have someone critique our housekeeping on a full time basis😉

Of further note is that my article was brought to the attention of Toronto General. They initiated contact and I have now had several conversations with Ms. Sharon Rogers, Director of Patient Relations at the University Health Network of which Toronto General is part. Informally Ms. Rogers and I examined the chain of events outlined in my post, yesterday she got back to me with her findings and resolution.

The short version is, as I am happy to report, that TGH will be implementing a new ER policy that will force “ownership” of a patients treatment on the department that initially dealt with them. This policy will obviate the type of communication breakdown that occurred in Mom’s case.

Furthermore the Agency Nurses on duty that evening will no longer be engaged by Toronto General Hospital.

I would like to extend my thanks & appreciation to both Ms. Rogers and Toronto General Hospital for acting so decisively in this matter. Sometimes you really can fight “city hall”.

PS. Ms Rogers asks that I invite the public to contact her directly should anyone else wish to discuss their concerns with TGH.