Reader mail?

I received the following e-mail from a “fan”. It seemed “odd” at first glance and so I decided to run it by a few friends. The concensus returned is that, as initially suspected, this may well be a fishing expedition. I’ll let you decide. Oh, we don’t suspect the CHRC – for a change;)

Dear Blazing Cat Fur,

Hi there, how are things going lately? I was a former occasional poster at jihadwatch, under name maxwell46&2; as a grad student I’ve been far too busy to post regularly but still check it on a daily basis. I’ve gotten a great education about not only Islam, but also about Middle Eastern history as taught before what Hugh aptly calls the “Great Inhibition”, and about the cultures of the different racial groups in the Islamic World. Though I do not at all thing they;re correct on everything regarding the Muslim World, nonetheless I’ve learned a huge deal from Robert, Hugh and the other posters, including yourself.

Your site of course is one Robert Spencer links to, and looking through your site provided me with lots of additional info about thge current attempts by Islamists to subvert North American, violently and nonviolently. As a result, I had always wanted to know but never did get around to asking you. First off, where did you find out about Jihadwatch int he first place? I found it by accident; one day i was searching Iraq war stories, came across Jihadwatch from an article they posted randomly, clicked on it and have been visiting it daily since. Did yhou find out the same way, or from word of mouth?

Also, how has your general view of muslims as a people changed since Jihadwatch’s tenure began. Spencer often insists Muslims should not be seen as a monolith and Islam should not either, and that he does not hate Islam but rather finds it fascinating, hence his years of studying it. Many posters at JW feel otherwise obviously-what about you? If you comne across, say, a Pakistani, Muslim Arab, Bangladeshi, Bosnian, Albanian, Indian Muslim, Iranian Shia or someone else who identifies him/herself as Muslim, whatr is your first reaction? Is it, what the hell are you thinking, why are you following this asinine cult? You give support to Al Qaeda and other terrorists simply by following Islam? Or is it more of an interest, as in, what exactly benevolent do they see in Islam and if they are good people, are they genuinely Muslim? And if not, what happens if they become so?

It’s indeed interesting that out of the 1.2 billion Muslims-which we must face is a huge number, there are many very smart, upstanding people in this group who look at the Quran, Hadith and Sira and see genuine beauty, wisdom and tolerance in it. Do you think it’s due to mental defficiency, actual brainwashing or self denial? Sijmply a radically different interpretation that sadly not enough Muslims follow? Or simply being severely misguided by Imams who may not understand as much as they think about Islamic texts? The best case scenario is that the interpretations of the Quran, as outlined in the blogging the Quran series on JW, are not the sole interpretatrion by Muslims.

Interested in and response you may have,



PS: To the indivdual who has been searching my site for any and all references to Khaled Mouammar, drop me a line I’ll be glad to help with your enquiry;)