From the Department of Nothing Better To Do…

At Costco today I purchased my usual supply of the evil weed. Something struck me as odd about today’s transaction however. It wasn’t the nanny curtains mandated by the nanny state; we have all gotten used to this silly intrusion. No today I learned the Nanny State has inserted itself into yet another segment of the purchase process.

Typically I would approach the wicket, and being a regular the Girls staffing the Tobacco Prison would have my order pulled and on the counter ready to scan faster than I could pull out my Costco card. No more will I know that simple pleasure. Today I noted that my order was pulled but placed on a table behind OZ’s curtain. The clerk then scanned the items – behind the curtain. She seemed very concerned that the items remained hidden. But from who and why?

I asked her. “It’s the law now, imagine and we live in Canada too”.

Yes we do.