UP AGAINST THE WALL WHITEY! (You can get a degree in this stuff from U of T)

Courtesy of “The mostest racistist blog in Canada” RNC – you too can learn to hate Whitey.

From Racism & National Consciousness -As part of this upcoming conference at the University of Toronto, you are invited to a book launch:

The White Supremacist State: Eurocentrism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Racism by Dr. Arnold H. Itwaru, a senior lecturer in Carribean Studies at New College U of T.

Here’s a video of the Good Doctor in action teaching us all that Whitey and Western Civilization are just pure evil, yea that’s YOU Paleface!: Master Race Culture, White Supremacy, Liberal Democracy & The continuing colonization of the world.

Some quotes:

“The epidermalization of superiority is characterized by whiteness” , “By equality the white supremacists refer to themselves not us”, “These are the societies that continue to take away the freedom of millions today”, “The Canadian state uses phosphorus bombs in Afghanistan…the people of Canada think this is a mission of mercy”

(The Dr. starts at about the 5 minute mark, The Dr. also runs “Basics” a community newspaper)

Other conference highlights:

“Colonialism, Capitalism, and the Making of the Apartheid System of Migration and Control in Canada” by Harsha Walia, Islamofascist Apologist.

Man a university degree is so worth worth it;)