So long Israel…


“There is alot of stuff available on the internet that was once unavailable, except for those willing to dig through a library. It can be packaged, activist fashion, puffed like a truthy media story, and fed to those willing to eat it. Questions that question the actual number of Jews fed to the ovens. Revelations about war atrocities. The Jews who escaped by buying their way out, and the Jews who worked for the National Socialists in the camps and thus survived (Kapos, the krauts called them, Kapos). There is much rich compost for the discerning activist seeking to prepare the Israeli’s for Masada the sequel, much as they prepared America for 9/11, the sequel to Pearl Harbor. No, the animus against Israel is deep, well-edumacated, and puffed in the media.

Why talk about if, and instead about how and when.”