Halloween Hijinks! Canadian Human Rights Tribunal conducts ghost tour of Portage la Prairie

The wheels of justice turn slowly and sometimes they just fall right off.

Despite repeated unsuccessful efforts to contact the parties involved and despite having received no confirmation from either the plaintiff or respondent that they could actually be bothered to attend the scheduled hearing the CHRT decided to pack its bags and junket out to Portage La Prairie anyway. Guess what? No one showed. Case dismissed.

Oh heck who cares, it’s just your money.

What was the motive behind the CHRT’s decision to convene the “Hearing no one could be bothered with”? A junket for a homesick prairie kommissar or just the opportunity to sample the good life in the “Paris” of Manitoba? Perhaps the promotional video on the municipal web site offers some clues, among other things to occupy your time in Portage you can “drive on a straight highway”, “operate heavy farm machinery”, or “get run over by freight trains” and that’s just the first 30 seconds or so!