Tour de force: Steyn and Levant Destroy the Canadian Human Rights Commission

Drop what you’re doing and watch Steyn & Levant as they appear before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights hearing on Section 13 (1).

Or watch the youtube version courtesy of Mississauga Matt, (This is part one, rest available at link).

These psychologically disturbed employees of the Canadian Human Rights Commission wrote and distributed far more hate speech of their own….Mark Steyn

More here: “Two free-speech crusaders appealed to a parliamentary committee Monday to do its part to strip the Canadian Human Rights Commission of its power to investigate complaints of online hate, alleging that it is bad law that has been “corrupted and diseased beyond salvation.”

John Geddes of Macleans: MPs from both the government and opposition sides told Maclean’s they are serious about reforming Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Jay Currie: Ezra and Mark give chapter and verse on the perfidities of the CHRC

Deborah Gyapong: Fresh Ezra & Mark the Knife

Just Right: MP’s with a poor grasp of the issues

See the Lynch files for more.

CBC: Writers call for probe into human rights commission

Andrew Potter: “The subsequent discussion was bedeviled by two major difficulties. The first was that most members of the committee were either unprepared, or not really paying attention. Joe Comartin in particular didn’t seem to realize what the argument is, while Marc LeMay of the Bloc appeared to have not listened to anything that had happened up till his turn, when he brought up an issue that had been dealt with at length earlier on. “

PS. Why did Macleans insist on having Kady O’Malley liveblog this session? I mean is she someone’s daughter or what’s the story there? Ferreras did a far better job.