Little Mosque of Christian Baiting on the Prairie…Guest Post by R. Gama

I came across this article “Holy war starting on the prairie” , and couldn’t help but reflect on the bias so common at the Ceeb.

With a desperate stab to spice up the blandness of – ” Little Mosque on the Prairie ” – the tall, public broadcasting, foreheads at CBC have added a ‘ Shay’ton ‘ to the mix.

Their Beelzebub is an Anglican priest ! The newest character is reverend William Thorne ,{ as thorn in the side , clever }, the reverend is cast as a spiritually insane, a self-absorbed madman, a ‘ Christian ‘ extremist .

Reverend Thorne is appalled that there’s a mosque renting his community hall and his obsession is to eradicate that infestation from Mercy Sask., all the while with a charitable smile on his face.

The CBC’s choice of antagonist is so wearisomely predictable . The cast in stone premise of this shit-com is a most benevolent most merciful creed at the mercy of intolerant ignorance willfully persecuting a religious minority. To add a surreal punch to the septic tank what about ‘casting’ a gaggle of ‘smiling’, armed and ‘veiled’ extremists?