Khurrum Awan Sues Ezra Levant! Hilarity Ensues!

Ezra has all the details. But here are a couple of the highlights from Khurrum Awans libel notice. Let this be a lesson to you all- Home Lawyerin is Bad! Head over to EZ’s and make a donation as even frivolous suits such as this need to be defended against.

Is that Osgoode Hall I hear weeping?

Khurrum Awan pioneers the field of “Psychic Defamation Law”

Khurrum Sock-Puppets Himself!

Read the Notice, consider it your Sunday Mornin Smile:

Aw An

What Kind of People does Khurrum Awan cc on letters of complaint to Minister Jason Kenney? Islamist Scumbag Zafar Bangash for one. Ali Mallah-tete VP of the Notorious Canadian Arab Federation for another.

KhurrumAwan Jason Kenney