‘Mosaic’ theory has its flaws

I find it interesting that the overall opinion of multiculturalism changes so sharply once one crosses the border from Canada to the United States. In Canada, it is publicly taught that as a country we are a mosaic: a society that encourages the continuation of immigrants’ cultures and values instead of accepting and adopting ours. It’s taught in a rather objective tone that this is a “good” thing, and that the melting pot of the U.S. is out-dated and “bad”. There, immigrants are free to chose any lifestyle they wish thanks to the first amendment, but are encouraged to adopt the American culture in order to work and live in the new country more smoothly.

Oppositely, Canada accommodates immigrants both socially and with taxpayer money. It appears to me that a good chunk of the American population recognizes they have a unique culture that’s enjoyable and able to be proud of explicitly.