Homo Host Hostess Update

As suspected the Respondents, Bishop De Angelis and the 12 parishoners have not yet filed a response to the complaint filed against them.

Their options are to seek dismissal when they file a response to the Wannabe Gay Adult Altar Boy’s complaint, accept or reject mediation assuming that a dismissal request fails or hope the tribunal rules to dismiss at a pre-hearing conference, if not it’s off to Kangaroo Kourt they go. They have 28 days to respond starting from the date notice was received of the pending action.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario or, HURTO for short, in having accepted the complainants bizarre application rather than rejecting it outright, as is in their power to do, has signalled that they are willing to go ahead with this latest assault on Faith.

The complaint details a long list of Stalinesque “Show Trial” punishments that Corcoran wishes to inflict on Bishop De Angelis and the 12 parishoners, Stalinesque punishments that HURTO has at the very least condoned by accepting this vexatious nonsense.

The Gaping Maw of Pope Big Gay Barb the 1st no doubt salivates in anticipation.