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Kenney defends visa changes for Mexico, Czech Republic

From the comments at CBC by a Czech citizen:

I live in Czech Republic
Maybe it will be interesting for you to hear several thoughts from “the other side” :

I have read your comments and partly understand your fear from immigrants and job competition. But let me explain that visa restriction is not solution to your problem. It may reduce number of succesful applicants from 1000 to 10 or 0 but also mean that normal tourists from CZ (including me) will go elswhere to spend their money they intended to spend in your country on holiday. Bear in minf that you must travel to Vienna for visa, you can not obtain it in Czech Republic at all !!!! Your government made an error in an effort to solve your problem. Right solution is to change your too naive immigration policy, to publish list of safe countries (I have no doubt Czech Republic will be on the list) and thus ensure that any refuge applicat from such country will be told off. Tourists will remain and false immigration will dissapear.

For yhose who does not agree, several questions :

1. Why do you think those people fly to Canada and do not move house freely to another “less racist” country within EU where they have (as EU citizens) right to live without restiriction ?

2. Where those people take the money for expensive fly tickets if they claim they are unable to get a job due to their race ?

3. Why 25 per cent of the applicants move back after few weeks after they found out that they have to wait too long and it is all less convenient that they have expected ? Authentic person who is afraid of their life would never do it.

Please, push your goverment to make your immigration policy more strict and do not punish tourists, your hoteliers, airlines and thus yourselves as taxpayers. Canada is too beautiful to be skipped from holiday plans 🙂