Homo Host Hostess Hopes to Heap Horrendous Hardships – Will Pope Big Gay Barb The 1st Usurp the Vatican’s Authority?

You see this is why we need Human Rights Commissions. Where else can you terrorize people for fun and profit? I really hope the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal elects to hear this case rather than dismiss it.

“Corcoran is seeking monetary damages of up to $25,000 from the bishop and $20,000 each from the 12 parishioners. But his primary interest is in restitution of a non-financial nature, he says. He states in his complaint that he wants the $20,000 from each of the parishioners to be allocated “towards a charity of my choosing.” And the $25,000 from the diocese will be used to cover his legal expenses; but, he told LSN, he will be returning it through parish contributions.

He has also requested six other “remedies.” First, he indicates that he “would like the group of 12 parishioners to be held accountable for their un-Christian actions, in front of their peers in a public forum, by the Bishop or the Bishop’s superior.” Second, he wants the Bishop to preach at his parish “on the consequences of practicing discrimination and the slanderous spreading of rumours, hate and innuendo.”

Third, he wants to be restored as an altar server, and fourth, for the bishop to apologize for having removed him. Fifth, he wants the bishop to write an article for the diocesan newspaper “on the rights of persons with same sex attractions to practice their faith within the Catholic Church without fear of threats, recrimination or discrimination.” And finally, sixth, he wants the diocese to develop policies “that support the human rights of all people within the church.”

What no World Peace? Over to you Pope Big Gay Barb The 1st.