Tarek Fatah on the murder of Marwa Sherbini & Covering up for the hijab

I have been to Europe six times in the last year and I can see the rise of racism against visible Muslims that parallels a suicidal effort by jihadis to flaunt their contempt for Western civilization and its values. Things are getting worse because two other segments of society that can help cool the situation are either silent or paralyzed by political correctness.

The first is secular and liberal Muslims, who form the vast majority of Europe’s Islamic community. They need to organize and confront the jihadis. Not for the sake of government grants and NGO funding, but for the sake of our future as equal citizens in the Western world.

The other group is the European and North American left, which has become a collective apologist for all things Islamist.

The Canadian Islamic Congress weighs in with the usual Islamist apologia:

CIC National Executive Director, Imam Dr. Zijad Delic, added: “If Marwa Sherbini’s attacker happened to be a fellow Muslim, the Canadian and other Western media would have reported her murder widely, with front page headlines and numerous editorials. Then for days afterwards, they would deliberate on the case and come to one simplistic and devastating conclusion – that Muslims are ‘brutal and uncivilized’. But when a racist European murders an innocent Muslim woman, the silence is deafening, as if the world is asking, ‘Why did she have to provoke us by wearing the Hijab?’ What a cruel irony!”

Indeed all those Honour Killings and acts of Islamist Terrorism are urban myths.