Barbara Hall… Goes undercover fails to grasp notion of Property Rights

Barb Hall sent her minions undercover to ferret out discrimination in rental accommodation.

Surprise! She found out Landlords are wary of renting to Teenaged Unwed Mothers on Welfare.

…when a landlord looked her in the eye and coldly said he didn’t rent to teens with babies, the truth hit like a slap in the face. As a young, black, single mom on welfare, nobody wanted to rent to her.

“That was Stewart’s experience, and the incident two years ago left her hurt and confused. “I was stunned. I couldn’t believe someone would say something like that.”

Ms. Stewart I wish both you and your child well, however I am neither stunned nor surprised by the Landlords response. Property owners are in business, risk assessment is necessary to protect that investment. Sadly I’m even less surprised at your own reaction to the news. Contrary to the OHRC’s bafflegab it is not a “human right” to dictate a Landlords choice of tenant. Ontario is not Barbara Hall’s Boarding House, a private citizen should not be compelled by the state to accommodate a risk that threatens their liveliehood.

The Stars headline should be reworded to read “OHRC Tramples on Property Owners Rights”. More on this when I have had a chance to review the studies methodology which on the surface appears geared to reach predetermined conclusions.