The Hate Laws are an Ass… like Haroon Siddiqui

“Yes, they’d say, hear complaints about anti-Semitism and gay bashing but not about anti-Islamism.” Haroon Siddiqui

Oh please, stop trying to paint your Islamist friends as victims Haroon. The fact is the Mohammadens have been given a free pass to date by our Human Rights Commissions. Were the hate laws ever applied in an objective manner then I assure you Islamists would top the offenders list. Let’s not forget that Islamists were behind both the Levant and Macleans/Steyn cases, to imply that Muslims are victims is a lie.

One thing we can agree on, the hate laws in Canada have been perverted into a bludgeon used by the corrupted human rights commissions and their allies to further political agendas. Hate Crime laws in Canada are not about hate, they are not about crime, they are about politics.