Perhaps Mark Steyn’s finest piece yet on the Human Rights Racket

“As it happens, opponents of Section 13 – Canada’s thought-crime law – include the Liberal MP Dr Keith Martin, “the brown guy” (as he styles himself); members of the gay group EGALE; the multiculti CanCon novelists at PEN. Yet, no matter how coolly you lay out the case, the assumption of Mr Silva and the group-think drones is that you’re just an old-time white-supremacist homophobic bigot itching to get out the tire-iron. Under the circumstances, Professor Martin demonstrated remarkable forbearance. “That is a classic example of the kind of argumentative technique used by people who support the thought police,” he replied quietly. “I make a principled argument, sir, in favour of freedom of expression. I do not add any baggage to that argument.”

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