Omar Shaban Update: Oh sure, of course! So much for “F… Canada,” eh — at least until his top-notch education is completed

One of the Canadian Arab Federation’s best and brightest Omar Shaban knows a good deal when he see’s one.

Joe Warmington Toronto Sun – Hates Canada, loves school

“All day yesterday Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, was saying that “to suggest that this expression of hate against Canada is due to Canada’s ill-treatment of the First Nations is a very convenient excuse.


“CAF has turned from being an advocacy group of Arab Canadians to an advocacy group for Hamas, Hezbollah and the dictatorial regime of Iran. To hide behind aboriginal issues to push their agenda is disgraceful and disingenuous.”

Fatah added: “Shaban spent most of his life in Lebanon and has never once uttered a single word of outrage at the ill-treatment of the Kurdish people by Arabs or the genocide of the darfuris Muslims by Arab Janjaweed militia or the role of the Arabs of al-Qaida in the massacres of innocent Pakistanis.”

The rest.

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