Ali Mallah Tete: One more Islamist thug of the “Canadian Arab Federation”..pens bizarre paranoid response to Omar Shaban outing

Whats wrong with the Canadian Arab Federation? That’s best illustrated by the type of individual it attracts, Khaled Mouammar, Omar Shaban and…Ali Mallah.

Ali Mallah CAF VP, CUPE alternate for Diversity Vice-President for Workers of Colour, and all round entertainer responds to Tarek Fatah’s expose of Omar “Thanks for the education now F&CK OFF Canada” Shaban with a bizarre screed in which he propagates the Islamist agenda, extolling the virtues of Hamas, Ahmadinejad etc etc etc…

Highlights from Ali Mallah’s screed:

I would not dignify someone like Tarek Fatah with any respond about his lies and ill spirited rush to please his masters. ( Read JOO’s)

Ali Mallah supports Ahmadinejad:

No doubts that there are important discussion taking place re: Iran, some of this discussion is very genuine and based on the desire to understand what is going on, while the rest is based on political agenda driven by USA and western governments aided by corporate media ( Read JOO’s).

Hates Stephen Harper:

There is an old say” if live in a glass house, don’t through stones at others”. Well, Here in Canada, when the three opposition parties agreed to exercise their democratic rights and topple the Harper’s minority Government (No insane person could argue against the facts that these 3 parties has the higher number of MPs and the total populace votes), An unelected G.G and a PM of a tiny minority shut down parliament and hijacked democracy. Where is the outrage? and where were they when G.W. Bush stole the 2004 election? (Read Neo-Con JOO’s)

Canada is the servant of Jews and we’re just wrong about Hamas

How about Canada, USA, western Europ and their support to israel. an Occupier and oppressive entity or have they took a clear position on the Palestinian question and the latest brutal massacres of more than 1400 Palestinians in late Dec. 08 and into Jan. 09?

When Hamas was elected by the majority of Palestinians, Canada was the first country to punish them for their “democratic choice” and almost all western media (Read JOO”s) and governments boycotted Palestine.

Ali Says White Folks is racist:

Now, when it comes to Western Corporate Media (Read JOO’s) and governments, The hypocrisy is beyond appalling. You could easily spot their Islamphobic views, Racism, Ignorance, Stereotypes and all kind of lies and deception.

Oh, I forgot, it is always the white’s man and women’s burden to liberate the rest of world

NB: Ali provides his own “Get out of Jail Free Card” with this disclaimer: * Above are my own personal views and do not reflect CAF and or any other group that I am associated with.

Sorry Ali but I’m not buying your Bullshit – You are the Heart and Soul of both CAF and CUPE.

Screenshots of Ali’s rant: