I have great readers… is Omar Shaban the Islamic Punky Meadows?

You Decide!


Thanks for yesterday’s blog post (as canadians celebrate their country’s birthday…) which included the link to Omar Shaban’s photo (nique le canada). while gazing upon Mr. Shaban’s lovely countenance I noticed his insolent pouting rictus, which called to mind the Frank Zappa song, Punky’s Whips. I wonder if you are familiar with this song? if you are, then you will agree that Mr. Shaban oughtta be known by the name ‘punky’ from now on (in order to subject him to maximum ridicule). if you’ve never heard it, I urge you to listen to the song. (caution: NSFW. also, do not listen to the song and look at omar shaban’s picture at the same time).

Dweezil Zappa’s version is here.

But it lacks the spoken introduction (delivered by Don Pardo) of Frank Zappa’s original version, which is essential to understanding the humour. here’s the spoken intro:

“In todays rapidly changing world, rock groups appear every fifteen minutes utilising some new promotional device. Some of these devices have been known to leave irreparable scars on the minds of foolish young consumers. One such case is seated before you: little skinny Terry Ted Bozzio, that cute little drummer! Thats right! Terry recently fell in love with a publicity photo of a boy named Punky Meadows…(oh Punky!)…lead guitar player from a group called Angel. In the photograph, Punky was seen with a beautiful shiny hairdo in a semi-profile which emphasized the pootched out succulence of his insolent pouting rictus, the sight of which drove the helpless young drummer mad with desire!”

…and the rest of the lyrics are here.

Finally, for a side-by-side comparison with Omar, here are some pictures of Punky Meadows.

I’d leave this in the comments on your blog, but the Zappa reference is probably too obscure. I hope you’ll check it out, though. Is Omar Shaban the Islamic Punky Meadows? I know what I think, and now you too can decide.

your friend,
-the king of vista place