As Canadians celebrate their country’s birthday, Canadian Arab Federation VP says, “F**k Canada Day”

Uppitierdate: Omar has a blog: Blogger from Occupied Canada why he’s a man of principle! He’s the real victim here, and were all just Racists – etc etc etc…Thanks to reader Sanwin and Elaine.

Upperdate: “This hateful attitude towards Canada is a direct result of how some politicians and police have refused to stand up to Islamists, either out of fear or for electoral expediency,” Fatah said.

No kiddin.

Ain’t Multiculturalism Grand? Thank Tarek Fatah for the find!

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The CAF’s Canada Day E-mail

Update: From the desk of Mohamed “Taqiyya” Boudjenane:

“The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) is proud of its Canadian identity and heritage and would like to disassociate itself from recent comments attributed to one of its members.”