Congratulations! You were mean to Jennifer Lynch… and all you’re gonna get is a Way Cool T-Shirt

Denouncing the Winners in our “Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch” T-Shirt contest!

First off, thanks to all who participated or even thought about it. We hope you enjoy your new status as enemies of the state.

After the obligatory show trial our winners were chosen:

For the hateful slogan – “This T-Shirt exposes Jennifer Lynch to hatred and contempt” Lucas Timmons is declared Thought Crime Enemy of the People No. 1. PS. Lucas if you sign the “letter” you may wear your new T when we update your file photo – Best wishes Jennifer.

The 2nd place entry, “The CHRC: Only Jennifer Lynch Knows The Safe Words” was submitted by Dyspeptic Mutterings, currently serving a sentence of exile in Detroit.

Our 3rd Place finisher submitted “Jennifer Lynch has convicted you of thought crime for reading this T-Shirt” His or her identity is currently a state secret. At least until we locate the mass grave and the rest of the family is rounded up, whichever comes first.

Honourable Mention goes to Black Mamba who receives extra rations for her entry – “Jennifer Lynch wants to ban this T-Shirt” Enjoy!

The winning slogans are the 1st items being offered for sale to the general public in our “Jennifer Lynch Line of Censorware Apparel” Fashion that speaks your mind.

All Three T’s are available for $20 each plus applicable taxes – incl. FREE shipping in US/Canada — in the usual color combos – Order here. Or send an e-mail directly to Alexander:

Special thanks to our sponsor Alexander of Hollywood who has kindly offered to furnish the winners with the following reward for their efforts.

Each of of Top 3 Finishers will receive a Silk Screened Alexander of Hollywood T-Shirt with their Slogan Immortalized.

1st Place receives 3 T-Shirts – useful for bartering in the camps!
2nd Place receives 2 T-Shirts – think layering where you’re goin
3rd Place receives 1 T-Shirt – be grateful your remains might be located

Head on over to Alexander’s and check out his Gallery!

PS. To our winners – I will need shipping information.

PPS. Wally Keeler protests the vote