Worst argument yet for allowing Al Jazeera to broadcast in Canada – Warning put down beverage, turn away from keyboard

Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party, and Senator Hugh Segal wrote that:

Al Jazeera English’s reporting reflected Canadian values of multiculturalism and freedom of expression.

But wait there’s more…

B’nai Brith, a Jewish advocacy and service organisation, and the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) said Mr Burman agreed to form a consultative committee with them to allay their concerns about the parent network and grant them input into the content of Al Jazeera broadcasts in this country.

Grant them input? How might an exchange on that committee go?

Bernie: Those Israeli Apartheid protesters are chanting “Jewish Child you’re gonna F&ckin die” and your anchor is agreeing with them!

Tony Burman: Silly Bernie – It’s a reflection of our multicultural society which promotes a diversity of viewpoints and opinions all of which are equally valued – you know that, hell the CJC promotes that tripe.

Bernie: Gurgle gurgle gurgle….choke….