Bob Rae is a Soft Totalitarian

Harper Conservatives must come clean with Canadians on the future of the Canadian Human Rights Commission – Ideally Bob Harper would bulldoze it into the Rideau.

Closet Conservative – As if it wasn’t aggravating enough that Bob Rae nearly single-handedly wrecked the economy of Ontario by spending us into infinity and beyond (remember “Rae Days”?), but then he goes on to join the Liberal party, where he can’t get it through his head that his fellow liberals don’t like his JOOOOOO wife, and that other people in his party march with Hizballah and are Canadian cheerleaders for thugs like the Khadr family members and other fanatic Islamist dorks.

Now, Mr. Rae is goading the Prime Minister to preserve the disgusting Canadian “Human Rights” Racket.

Ferreras J – Dissenting – I’ve had it with Liberal intransigence on the human rights commissions.

General Brock – Fresh from being not so politely asked to leave Sri Lanka, Bob Rae has thrown his support behind the beleaguered Canadian Humans Right Commission (CHRC).