Voting to close for “The Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch” T-Shirt Slogan Contest at 6 PM Tonite

Update: Our Winners have been announced!

Update: The Poll is now closed, winners will be announced secretly away from the prying eyes of the CHRC early next week – may God have mercy on your souls. Kiddin.. much fanfare awaits the announcement of our winners!

It’s a tight race for the 1st & 2nd place winners and also for 3rd place. Literally a handful of votes separate the frontrunners. So vote and vote often!

The winning entrants will receive Free T-Shirts with their slogan immortalized on a quality silk-screened T produced by Alexander of Hollywood. Head on over and check out his wares – they’re awesome! That’s 3 t-shirts for 1st Place, 2 shirts for 2nd and 1 for 3rd! Thanks Alexander!

Strike a blow for Free Speech and get yourself on Jennifers “People who are mean to me” list.

Update: I gotta ask – Jennifer which slogan did you vote for?