Catholic legal experts have panned the latest report from the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) as inadequate and even dangerous.

“The CHRC in this report shows its unwillingness to exercise restraint from within,” said constitutional law expert Iain Benson, …

“In that circumstance it needs to come from without; it’s time for legislators to act.”

“There is no right to be free from hate,” Benson said. “It is not in the charter, or in any reasonable constitution. Why? Because it is something that cannot be measured or properly controlled.”

“Nothing in a free and democratic society should be banned because it hurts the feelings of others,” said Benson. “We are not infants under the care of an all-seeing and very strict nanny.”

Landolt also raised concerns about Lynch’s transporting international law into a Canadian context. Canadian sovereignty has always demanded that any international law be supported by domestic legislation before it comes into effect, she said.

“She wants to omit the intermediate step and apply international law,” she said.

Don’t mess with the Catholics Jenny. Slow to anger as they say.