Bitchy Flamer says get rid of Section 13 (1)…Says Ezra is “Scary”

We’ve never, in the history of human communication, made an idea unpopular by making it illegal. Weimar Germany had some of the most aggressive anti-hate-speech legislation the West has ever seen. If censorship worked as a tool to prevent hate, we would never have witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust.

Censorship, in fact, makes hate worse. It draws attention to the toxic views of those who belong on the fringe. It creates sympathy for them, allowing them to claim martyrdom at the hands of a government gone mad with political correctness.

Most frightening to me, censorship fuels the agenda of scarier, non-fringe enemies of equality. I think especially of Ezra Levant, who has found a new career as a human rights “victim.” He’s using his newfound platform to unfairly attack, ridicule and distort the work of human rights commissions. He won’t stop until there’s nothing left of the system that is so vital in the protection against discrimination.

Kevin Kindred National Post.

Ezra “Scary”?? Kevin wanna see real “Scary”? Browse through these.

Kevin, FYI, I hope you are aware that Ms. Lynch has likely annotated your personal data in her “People who are mean to me” file:

Kevin Kindred : Extreme Right Wing Gay Rights Activist, belongs to suspected Neo-Nazi Group – Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project – infiltrate for evidence of Ernst Rohm sympathizers. A shame, I really liked La Cage too, that Robin Williams is sooo Funny.