Vote for your favourite entries in the “Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch” T-Shirt Slogan Contest

Update3: Our Winners have been announced!

Update2: The Poll is now closed, winners will be announced secretly away from the prying eyes of the CHRC early next week – may God have mercy on your souls. Kiddin.. much fanfare awaits the announcement of our winners!

Update: A smashing success, voter turnout is in the thousands. The race is extremely close – literally a handful of votes seperate 1st and 2nd spot as well as 3rd and 4th!

Yes folks it’s time for the Great Unwashed & Unwanted – (By Jennifer Lynch) , to vote for your favourite entries in the “Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch” T-Shirt slogan contest. The response has been terrific and the final 10 entries are a mix of posted and e-mailed submissions. Please note that many among our entrants, including finalists, have requested anonymity lest Ms. Lynch open a file on them. Rest assured no personal data will be divulged.

The winning entrants, chosen from your Top 3, will receive Free T-Shirts with their slogan immortalized on a quality silk-screened T produced by Alexander of Hollywood. Head on over and check out his wares – they’re awesome! That’s 3 t-shirts for 1st Place, 2 shirts for 2nd and 1 for 3rd! Thanks Alexander!

Our inspiration for this contest: Mark Steyn“So we have the preposterous spectacle of a government commissar whining to a roomful of government apparatchiks that the citizenry are insufficiently deferential to them. Does Kathy Shaidle have a $25 million budget? Can Jay Currie impose a lifetime speech ban on the targets of his wrath, as the Government of Alberta did to Rev Boissoin? Yet here we have, in effect, the Government of the Dominion of Canada complaining that Blazing Cat Fur is being mean to it.”

Vote & Strike a blow for Free Speech

Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch!