On Jennifer Lynch’s List: A letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

A seriously pissed-off Scaramouche sends the PM an angry missive on Jennifer Lynch’s efforts to chill dissent and remake Canada in the image of East Germany. Jennifer Lynch is nothing new under the sun, just your garden variety totalitarian who compiles enemy lists, expresses open contempt for honest debate, smears a bi-partisan opposition as “extreme right wingers” and worse, while blatantly lying to a public she clearly considers beneath her.

Her actions should not come as a surprise, after all Ms. Lynch oversees a state sponsored censorship organ that brings to mind images of Cuba’s Block Watchers, in Jennifer’s world this is “Normal”, this is what passes for “Balance”. In the real world it’s recognized as North Korea, Venezuela or any Mullahocracy and Tin-Pot Banana Republic dictatorship you care to name.


As someone who has questioned Canada’s human rights apparatus on many occasions, both in letters to the editor and on my blog, I am disgusted–no, sickened–that in a democracy such as ours a powerful official is collecting evidence of dissent.

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Remember: File those Access to Information and Privacy Commission requests, won’t it be fun to see if you have made Jennifer Lynch’s Enemies List?