Jennifer Lynch lies, or she is simply too incompetent to be trusted

Courtesy of an SDA reader’s explanation in this scathing indictment of the CHRC, you can listen to Roy Green’s interview with Ezra and Lynch here:

CHQR audio vault

Select June 20, 2009 12:00 PM and click ‘Listen’

A player opens and starts to play. Use the slider to advance in time to 8:00 minutes in for Ezra, and to 18:30 for Lynch.

Lynch is really at her evasive, dissembling best, which makes for yet another nail in the coffin of our Little Stalins. The Dean Steacey “Freedom of Speech is an American concept” stuff is hilarious, you can almost hear Roy biting his tongue at the end.

At the 34:51 minute mark Ms. Lynch says the CHRC would not condone signing up on “Hate Sites” and posting racist comments in order to entrap miscreants, I quote” We would not post hate, we have not done it and we would not condone it”.

Except that the CHRC has condoned it Jenny. This is a sorta kinda recent decision sorta… made like maybe a year ago, yea that’s the ticket…according to Jenny. Recent? Like when the public got wind of it Jenny? Your the Commissioner Jenny how come you wouldn’t know the exact date when it was decided that maybe the ramifications of this Stalinist practice were a little more serious than merely bad PR? What incident(s) precipitated this change of heart? Are you simply being disingenuous or does it speak to your incompetence, is that it?

The take away from this interview is that Kommissar Lynch hasn’t a clue about the history of hate messages and entrapment efforts central to Section 13 (1) prosecutions, it’s doubtful she’s even vaguely aware of the other abuses her own staff have in fact readily condoned. Or it may be that she simply won’t fall on her sword and publicly acknowledge that the CHRC has been run in a corrupt manner under her watch – (But Jenny, while you likely had no intention of doing so, in this interview you have acknowledged the rot, just not in so many words, nudge, nudge, wink, wink;). Any way you slice it way that’s incompetence or she really is a liar.

Or maybe it’s a combination of the two, Jennifer Lynch may simply be an Incompetent Liar.