Bumped – T-Shirt Slogan Contest: Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch!…Now endorsed by the CHRC!

Update2: Entries are now closed for this contest. A top ten list will be decided upon and you will have a chance to vote for your top 3 choices for the new Be Mean to Jenny T-shirt line.

NB: Due to overwhelming response a top ten will be selected and readers will have the chance to vote for their top 3 choices.! Entry deadline Monday June 21 12 noon EST.

T-Shirt Slogan Contest: Be mean to Jennifer Lynch and the CHRC!

Post your entries in the comments – the best will be used in a proposed new line of T-shirts.

“I was mean to Jennifer Lynch and all I got was a CHRC Fatwa!”

Have at it boys, there’s freedom in your t-shirts.

Winner receives a Free T!

Update: Jennifer Lynch was up bright and early this Sunday morning inspecting the T-Shirt Slogan Contest Entries! Thanks for the endorsement Jen!