Ahh the joys of Multiculturalism…Nothing like Toronto based supporters of Ahmadinejad

Meet Ali and his bud Saad Zafar Toronto based co-bloggers at Frustrated Lebanese Kid.

Quite a pair, fanatically misogynistic and fanatically Islamist, gee what a surprising combo of traits – Ahmadinejad should be supreme ruler

Now I don’t want to sound like a religious fanatic… but isn’t it almost sinful for a Muslim to be afraid of Israel’s military might? Muslims are only allowed to fear God. God alone should be feared by us. So then what gives us the right to fear Israel’s nuclear arsenal? It is God who decides when we die and how we die.

Amazing they both denounce and support Ahmadinejad at the same time!

The Khatamis of Islam must be stopped:

But there are few things in life that offend me more than seeing women in skimpy outfits in a Muslim countries. I mean, please! Show a little respect for our religion, ladies! Women who dress in a manner that reveals the cleavage in low-cut outfits, or that reveals the legs in short skirts/dresses, or that accentuates the derriere in tight jeans are totally challenging the revelations of God…

Even though I disapprove of the fact that Ahmadinejad stole the election and lied to his people, I will always vehemently oppose the Muslims who want to give women the freedom to prance around half-naked.

Clearly the RCMP youth outreach program is having results!

Do check out the side bar of “Stupid People”:

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