National Post: Jennifer Lynch Unbalanced

We all knew that.

Ms. Lynch claimed to welcome debate on the future of human rights legislation no fewer than five times, then proceeded to dismiss anyone who questioned the legitimacy of commissions as unworthy of listening to.

Newspapers across the country, both major and minor have written numerous editorials explaining the need to abolish Section 13 (1). Multiple opinion pieces explaining the harm Section 13 (1) does to democracy have appeared. Blog posts galore calling for an end to the tyranny of these Kangaroo Kourts have been written.

Two successful books have been penned calling for an end to the rule of the HRC’s soft-fascists. Commenter’s from across the nation have echoed the same cry in newspapers and blog posts, and contrary to Ms. Lynch’s sneering, smear tactic assertions support for the repeal of these censorship laws is bi-partisan.

Civil rights icons such as Alan Borovoy have come out against the odious Section 13(1). Senator Jerry Grafstein again an early proponent of the HRC concept is on record as stating that these public institutions have been hijacked by extremists.

The CHRC’s own hand picked man, Richard Moon has told Jennifer Lynch to get out of the censorship business. Yet Queen Jennifer dismisses her critics with a wave of her Imperial Hand.

How can this woman still not get the message? The speech she gave to her CASHRA sycophants was a dishonest smear that has illustrated the need to have Ms. Lynch and her fellow travellers shut down.

Thanks for strengthening our resolve Ms. Lynch.