Jennifer Lynch – Appetite for Censorship

Pesky civil rights — like the right to speak the truth — are a big reason why police don’t have a 100% hate speech conviction rate like the CHRC does. So in their new report, the CHRC suggests that the defence of truth be removed from the Criminal Code.

How perverse is that: A human rights agency is telling the police to reduce their commitment to civil liberties. Could you imagine a genuine human rights activist — say, Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King — calling for more power for the police and less for political dissidents?

Paul Schneidereit Halifax Chronicle – ‘Staying alive’ the aim of human rights body

The CHRC has looked upon its works and found them — surprise, surprise — to be good. But to clear up any confusion, and to deal with the avalanche of complaints hurled against the human rights industry in this country in recent years, the CHRC has recommended some changes to its controlling legislation, the Human Rights Act.

Critics have quickly poured scorn on the commission’s special report, finding it self-serving, which, of course, it is.

But what strikes me after reading the document online, under the title “Freedom of expression and freedom from hate in the Internet age,” is that it represents a major — though still tactical and, at times, tortured — retreat in an effort that’s primarily about self-preservation.