Stephen Harper? Canada calling…fire Jennifer Lynch, yesterday won’t be soon enough

You have to read Ezra’s piece on Jennifer Lynch’s efforts to have him kicked off CTV’s Powerplay – the woman has revealed herself to be, in medical terms, certifiably bonkers. Watch the CTV clip, it is astounding, Lynch’s sockpuppet Philip Dufresne – who Jenny forbade to talk to Ezra, lies through his teeth to Tom Clark.

As a result of this shameless episode Jennifer Lynch should be immediately relieved of her duties as Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. She has declared herself above accountability to the Canadian public. Under her watch the CHRC has devolved into a corrupt police state style apparatus. Canadians deserve better.

Stephen Harper it is time to act.

Write the PM, write your member of parliament , write the members of the Justice Committee – Stop the CHRC. Stop Jennifer Lynch. Let the members of the CPC know – no more donations, nothing – until Section 13 (1) is removed from the Canadian Human Rights Act and a full judicial inquiry is launched into the corruption at the CHRC.