Ghost of a Flea: Stephen Harper -Do your damn job

Lynch refused to appear on a show that included Levant in any way, let alone open herself to questions from Levant, a man who is better equipped to hold her and her office to account than any other Canadian citizen.

Failing (once again) to stifle Levant, she sent a proxy (also courtesy of our tax dollars) but only on the condition he not have to speak to Levant.

Stephen Harper: Conservatives will watch this hireling proxy, this lackey, this… bureaucrat try to weasel his way around the facts, around the decades long, systematic abuse of due process and of public office, and we will be reminded once again you have done nothing to stop it.
No, not just that. We will watch this sickening spectacle – a commissar sneering at an uppity Jew who has thus far escaped the government’s net – and recognize it for what it is: Canada’s soft fascism at work.

Not one of us is going to accept it.

Mr. Harper, the human rights circle jerk is not your friend. We are. They do not respect you. We do.

Or at least we did.

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