Updated: CHRC Bullshit Report is now on line! Canadian Human Rights Commission to Canadians – Screw off we aren’t finished screwing you over

Update: Special Report to Parliament- Freedom of Expression and Freedom from Hate in the Internet Age

Upperdate: Mark Steyn, Ghost of a Flea, Ken Hynek and Scaramouche all weigh in.

Ok Harper act or lose the next election.

Globe and Mail – Brian Laghi Ottawa Bureau Chief

Rights commission rejects calls to stop investigating online hate

Canada’s Human Rights Commission has rejected suggestions that it stop investigating hate messages on the Internet, saying the issue shouldn’t be left solely to the Criminal Code.

This is more than an insult to Canadians, it is an assault on the values of free expression and democratic liberty. The CHRC is a corrupt, power mad bureacracy staffed by radical leftist zealots who have abused their power repeatedly and with impunity. This travesty cannot be allowed to continue.

The alleged Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal have demonstrated their corruption time and again. These illegitimate bodies have tolerated the abuse of due process, misleading testimony under oath, evidence substitution and have in the words of Senator Jerry Grafstein been hijacked by extremists. The CHRC cannot be trusted to reform itself, they are a rogue organization that must be cleansed completely.

Are these words on the Conservative Party web site – Stand Up for Canada – the empty rhetoric of a “Brokerage Party?

Write the PM, write your member of parliament , write the members of the Justice Committee – Stop the CHRC. Let the members of the CPC know – no more donations, nothing – until Section 13 (1) is removed from the Canadian Human Rights Act and a full judicial inquiry is launched into the corruption at the CHRC.

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