Duelling Pin Ups

Jay Currie has challenged 5Feet to a battle of the Pin-Ups.

In honour of the 65th anniversary of D-Day here’s a blast from the past:

Ron Jenkins father was a pioneer in the grocery business in Calgary and Ron was involved in the family business both before and following his wartime service as a bomber pilot. Canadian built Lancaster KB-895 become his personal aircraft with code “WL-O.” The crew decided that “their” bomber needed a name and nose art painting. At first they named her “Wee Lady Orchid” for each of the code letters. Later they dropped the “Wee” and she became “Lady Orchid.” The painting of the Lady Godiva pin-up riding a bomb included two western style six shooters to reflect Jenkins’ Calgary connection. F/O Jenkins flew a total of fifteen operations, five in Lady Orchid. Under his pilot’s position he painted fifteen white bombs and one red bomb for an aborted operation.