PC Leadership Candidate Frank Klees tables private members bill to reform Whacko Ontario Human Rights Commission

The Bill, entitled the “Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2009” will remove Section 13 from the Ontario Human Rights Act. This is the section that Klees and many observers of the Human Rights Commission and its companion, the Human Rights Tribunal, point to as the section of the Act that has given rise to what Klees refers to as the “over-reach” of the HRC Commission into matters dealing with freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

“There is a growing recognition among Ontarians that the Human Rights Commission has moved far beyond its original mandate,” Klees said. “Instead of ensuring fundamental access to public services, non-discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race, religion or disability, the Act is today being used to attack the views and opinions of innocent, law-abiding citizens. It was never intended for this purpose.”